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Catholic Charities Corporation Administrative Offices:

7911 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102

(216) 334-2900


Black History Month Spotlight: Terrel Valentine

Posted February 21, 2024

Meet Terrel Valentine, the Program Coordinator at the Bishop William M. Cosgrove Center, or the Cosgrove Center, as it is known by most in the city! Growing up, Terrel was raised by extended family who migrated from Alabama to the Glenville neighborhood in Cleveland. “My grandmother and grandfather – they bought a house in Glenville neighborhood…” Terrel said. Her grandparents were hard workers that Terrel believes touched the lives of those they met and interacted with. “Because they were such hard workers, I think that was just something that passed through everyone that they touched,” Terrel said, “Their house became kind of like... read more

Black History Month Spotlight: Autumn Winfield

Posted February 14, 2024

As Black History Month continues, we would like to highlight another employee who celebrates black history not just in February, but every day. Autumn Winfield currently holds the role of Director for Job and Career Training... read more

Black History Month Spotlight: Ben Hughes

Posted February 07, 2024

Meet Ben Hughes, Program Director at the Fatima Family Center. For the past 30 years, Ben has helped support the center in meeting its day-to-day operational needs. "My task at Fatima, or in life in general, is... read more

Catholic Charities Prepares to Deliver 13,000 Free Christmas Meals to Community Members in Need

Posted December 12, 2023

CLEVELAND, OHIO – December 12, 2023 – Catholic Charities, Diocese of Cleveland, is gearing up to prepare and distribute 13,000 holiday meals through its annual St. Augustine Hunger Center Christmas meals campaign. Meals will be... read more

Catholic Charities’ Cosgrove Center Receives $105,000 Donation for New Walk-in Refrigerator and Freezer

Posted November 20, 2023

CLEVELAND, OH – November 20, 2023 – Thanks to a $105,000 gift from an anonymous donor, the Bishop William M. Cosgrove Center of Catholic Charities, Diocese of Cleveland, has installed new walk-in refrigerator and freezer... read more

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