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Catholic Charities Corporation Administrative Offices:

7911 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102

(216) 334-2900

Resources for Athletic Directors

General tips, resources and documents for CYO athletic directors.

Documents & Forms

COVID-19 General Guidelines & Best Practices

In order to be prepared for the fall season, please download and read our updated guidelines to learn about the general changes that will apply to all CYO sports.


COVID-19 Athlete Monitoring Form

Head Coaches are responsible for monitoring their athletes for symptoms of COVID-19 at all games and practices. The monitoring form must be completed at the start of each game or practice.

If an athlete answers yes to any of the questions, they must be sent home.

Monitoring Form

Site Director Management Guidelines: Fall 2020

We have redesigned our handbook which will provide you guidelines to confidently manage your game sites throughout the fall season. The key for all of our CYO sites is consistency and enforcement of CYO rules. 

Fall Guidelines

Incident Report

If an incident occurs at a practice or a game, please complete the form below. The incidents can range from player injury to adult conduct.

Let us know what happened so we can let the leaders of those involved know as well.

Online Form

Eligibility Request

Who needs an Eligibility Request Form? Use the Fact Sheet to find out.

The Eligibility Request Form is to be used for one individual athlete seeking permission to play on another member’s team.

Individual Form

Group Eligibility

The Eligibility Group Form is only to be used for a group of athletes from the same CYO member seeking permission to play on another member’s team.

Both forms must be approved by the CYO office before an athlete is permitted to participate in any practices or games.

Group Form

Pre-Participation Form

The pre-participation form is to be completed and submitted to the athletic director before the athlete is eligible to participate in a practice or game.

The form contains the physical, release form and emergency medical authorization information.

The complete pre-participation form is valid for thirteen months from the date of the physician’s signature. 

Exam Form

Section Assignments

Looking for what section your parish or school is in? Download the section assignments list.

2020-2021 Assignments

General Tips

  • Entry: Having your teams registered on time is one of the most important responsibilities of a CYO athletic director.
  • Calendar: Knowing when the season begins can help you manage the tasks that need to be completed before the start of the season. Knowing when practice begins, games begin, rosters are locked and tournaments are held can give you a road map to a successful season. Visit your specific sport's page to download individual season planners. 

  • Players: Begin your player registration as early as possible. It is recommended that player registration open at least six weeks prior to the team entry deadline. 
  • Coaches: An early registration window will give you time to begin talking to parents about being coaches. Use the church bulletin, website and school newsletters to get to word to out other members of the community who may be interested in volunteering.

    Once you have a coach, he/she needs to attend a Coaches Development Program session and complete all other requirements before they start coaching.
  • Meetings: We recommend every CYO coach holds member-wide coach and parent meetings before each season. This is a great way to get a consistent message to all participating families and coaches. You can talk about your expectations as an athletic director, the mission of CYO and your program, practice and season dates, training and fundraising. 

    A coaches meetings should be held three weeks prior to the start of practice and a parent meeting one week before the start of practice. Remember to invite your pastor to the meeting to help set the tone for the season.

    Each season, CYO Athletics also holds a General Coaches Meeting. Please have your coaches attend for their sport's season, as these organizational meetings are very informative and help better prepare coaches for the upcoming season. Check the calendar for details.

  • Deadlines: All teams must be registered in SportsPilot and fees must be paid by the team entry deadline. 

Late Roster Addition Reporting

Member athletic directors may add athletes to the team roster up to 14 days after the first scheduled regular season competition of the sport, regardless of roster size. If a team does not have the minimum number of young people on the roster, additions are permitted after the 14 day period by submission of an Eligibility Request Form.

If a team has the minimum number of athletes noted below on the team roster, the 14 day period stated in Bylaw 5-3-2 will be in effect. If a team has fewer than this number, it can add athletes that meet the eligibility rules to the roster at any point until the roster reaches the following threshold:

  • Baseball – 13 per team
  • Basketball – 8 per team
  • Cheer – 6 per squad
  • Cross Country – 7 per competition division
  • Football: Flag – 10 per team
  • Football: Tackle – 20 per team
  • Lacrosse – 5 per team
  • Soccer: 11 v 11 – 14 per team
  • Soccer: 8 v 8 – 11 per team
  • Soccer: 6 v 6 – 9 per team
  • Softball – 13 per team
  • Track & Field – 7 per competition division
  • Volleyball – 8 per team

If this situation applies to your team, please contact CYO Athletic Administrator Mary Ann King.

Email Mary Ann

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