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Catholic Charities Corporation Administrative Offices:

7911 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102

(216) 334-2900

Welcome CYO Parents & Families!

Every parent plays an integral role in their child's CYO Athletics experience.


Welcome to CYO Athletics!

Thank you for entrusting your child to the care of CYO leaders and Coaches. We will take seriously our role in our partnership and ask that you do the same for your child and for all the children who participate in CYO. Here are the key roles and relationships in CYO that you need to know to help your child thrive in CYO sports.

  • Athletes play  They invest their time and energy by attending practices and games. They learn and grow through a process where they practice in private and are tested publicly every time they compete. 
  • Coaches Teach All CYO coaches complete mandatory background checks and CYO Coaches training. They bring the CYO mission and values to life by teaching children sports skills and strategies and are expected to model the values of CYO.
  • Officials Officiate – CYO uses trained and credentialed officials for every sport. It is not the role of coaches or parents to officiate a contest. That role exclusively belongs to trained and certified officials. To officiate from the stands or in the car ride home is to have your child focus on the area where they have the least amount of influence and control. To do so is poor coaching, poor officiating & poor parenting.  
  • Parents Support – Your role is to provide encouragement and support for your child as they learn what it means to be a Christian teammate and an athlete who is growing in faith and in sports skills. You need to keep the boundary clear that the sports experience is primarily theirs and that most kids begin playing sports to have fun and be with friends. Attempting to officiate or coach from the stands or to berate officials or opponents violates the basic mission and values of CYO. 
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