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Catholic Charities Corporation Administrative Offices:

7911 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102

(216) 334-2900

Resources for Coaches

General tips, resources and documents for CYO coaches.

Fall Sports Mandatory Virtual Coaches Meeting

Click the respective button below to pre-register for the 2021 Fall Sports Mandatory Virtual Coaches Meeting. Meetings will begin at 6 p.m. and take place via Zoom. 

Pre-register for Aug. 4  Pre-register for Aug. 5

Documents & Forms

Incident Reports

If an incident occurs at a practice or a game, please complete our online form.

Incidents can range from player injury to adult conduct. Let us know what happened so we can let the leaders of those involved know as well.

Online Form

Updated COVID-19 Pre-Participation Form

The pre-participation form is to be completed and submitted to the athletic director before the athlete is eligible to participate in a practice or game.

The form contains the physical, release form and emergency medical authorization information.

The complete pre-participation form is valid for thirteen months from the date of the physician’s signature. 

Exam Form

Section Assignments

Looking for what section your parish or school is in? Download the section assignments list.

2020-2021 Assignments

General Tips

  • Calendar: Knowing when the season begins can help you manage the tasks that need to be completed before the start of the season. Knowing when practice begins, games begin, rosters are locked and tournaments are held can give you a road map to a successful season. Visit your specific sport's page to download individual season planners. 

  • Player Eligibility: The eligibility of the players on your team is important to us. If a child is enrolled in a Catholic school or is a member of a Catholic parish, he/she is eligible to participate on a CYO team. If the child is a non-Catholic enrolled in PSR or enrolled in RCIA he/she may be eligible to play. Contact the CYO office for details.

    It is expected that the child will play at the parish/school to which they attend. Please read our Player Eligibility page for more information.

    Each child must have a current Pre-Participation form on file with the team before he/she participates in practices or games. One component of the form is a physical exam, which is valid for 13 months from the date of the exam.

    Before the start of the season, review your eligibility roster with your athletic director to make sure all of your team members are on the official roster before they play in a game.

  • Meetings: We recommend every CYO coach holds member-wide coach and parent meetings before each season. This is a great way to get a consistent message to all participating families and coaches. You can talk about your expectations as a coach, the mission of CYO and your program, practice and season dates, training and fundraising.

    A coaches meeting should be held three weeks prior to the start of practice and a parent meeting one week before the start of practice. Remember to invite your pastor to the meeting to help set the tone for the season.

    Each season, CYO Athletics also holds a General Coaches Meeting. These organizational meetings are very informative and help better prepare coaches for the upcoming season. Check the calendar for details.
  • Deadlines: Deadlines are important for a program with more than 22,000 participants. As a coach, you will be made aware of registration and roster deadlines by your athletic director. Please respect those deadlines. If you miss a deadline, it could impact a team's ability to be sponsored or for a child to be added to a team roster.

  • Championships: At the end of each season teams in the 6th, 7th and 8th grade, as well as the high school divisions, will have play-off tournaments and competitions. Make sure you view the Championship Information pages for more information on these tournaments.

Coaches Meeting Course

If you did not attend one of the mandatory winter season coaches meetings from October 28 through October 30, you must complete the Catholic Coaching Essentials course online. Once you complete the course, you must submit your completion certificate to the CYO office in order to receive your coaching credentials. Find more details regarding the course, cost and certificate submission here:

Catholic Coaching Essentials Course

Guest Player Reporting

If a team does not have enough players for a game or match, a guest player may be moved from another team with the following restrictions:

The guest player:

  • Must be currently rostered on a member CYO team
  • May be moved up from a lower competition division team, or within the same division if he/she meets the age/grade restrictions of the team
  • May be moved for no more than two (2) games during the season
  • Complies with the number of games per day competition limits expressed in sport-specific rules
  • Participation meets the limits outlined in the sport-specific rules
  • Is reported to the diocese administration prior to the game
  • Cannot be used in sanctioned events, CYO playoffs or championships

If this situation applies to your team, please click contact CYO Athletic Administrator Mary Ann King.

Coaches must have the Team ID to complete this form. Contact your parish athletic director for a copy of your team roster form or to have them give you the team ID number.

Online Resources

We recommend the following online resources to CYO coaches looking for more training:

Catholic Diocese of Cleveland Part of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland

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