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Catholic Charities Corporation Administrative Offices:

7911 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102

(216) 334-2900

2023 CYO Hall of Fame Inductees Announced!

CYO Director Dr. Dobie Moser of the Diocese of Cleveland CYO is happy to announce an outstanding CYO Hall of Fame Class of 2023. The CYO Hall of Fame Awards Luncheon will take place on January 29, 2023 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Independence.

Inductees into the CYO Hall of Fame Class of 2023 have contributed to the CYO legacy that represents the best of the CYO mission: CYO inspires young people to know God, love God, and serve God through athletics.  

 Individuals chosen for this Hall of Fame honor are:

  • *Frank Casalinuovo, St. Sebastian and St. Hilary 
  • Jane Denton, St. Charles Borromeo
  • Terry Flanagan, Catholic Charities
  • *Mike Ginley, St. Raphael
  • Chuck Kyle, St. Ignatius High School
  • Frank Svetz, Incarnate Word Academy


These inductees have served children and families for decades as coaches, trainers, program leaders, and site managers.  They have served the children and families in CYO as an expression of their love   of God, their using their talents to serve others, and their love of CYO.

This year’s CYO Hall of Fame Couple inductees recognizes couples who have worked together in their CYO program to cover all details, large and small, through their decades of service. This year’s CYO Hall of Fame Couple inductees are:

  • Dale and Cathleen Gaydos of Immaculate Heart of Mary in Cuyahoga Falls.

 The CYO Hall of Fame Class of 2023 includes the new award category of CYO Hall of Fame Family.  This award is for families who have lived and passed on the CYO mission through three or more generations as athletes, coaches, and CYO program leaders.  

This year’s CYO Hall of Fame Family inductees are:

  • The McGannon Family of St. Joseph in Amherst
  • The Williamson Family from St. Aloysius – St. Agatha in Cleveland

Congratulations to all of our Inductees who will be enshrined January 29, 2023!

Questions? Contact Noelia Speringo, CYO Membership and Communications Coordinator, at or at 216.334.1261 x 14.

Hall of Fame Inductees 

Tedd Kwasniak, Nick Crème, Sean Walter, Chris Lachman, Joe Congeni, Ed & Diane Bugner, Mimi Shaughnessy

Most Reverend Roger W. Gries, OSB, Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus, Joseph C. Jira, Karl and Jeanne King, Sr. Mary Jean Raymond, Jim Lawless Sr., Most Reverend Anthony M. Pilla, Bishop Emeritus, John Zielinski

Timothy Beringer, Tony Buck, Ken Dworznik, Sue Friedel, Andy Natale

Ralph Bruening, Karol Kaminski Coundourides, Fran Gallagher,
Jerry Hansen, Dave Kirk, Tom Madden

Joe Jurevicius, Oliver Luck, Paul Marshall, Mare Von Lindern, Frank Lewandowski, Jim Burdon, Jim Hurley

Dan Ducic, Will Williams, Sandy Rado, Edward Markowski, Kim Murray, Richard Rinella, Dick Lang

Ray Kling, Michael Cleary, Dan Holloran, Steven Tomko

Karol Patton, Casey Plewacki, Emma Bednar, Joe Olszewski, Denise McDonald-Curry

Robert Anderle, Beverly Gombarcik, Al Hoehn, William E. Mason, Dave Stefanski

Bernie Heneghan, Mike Iacofano, Jim McGeever, Kaz Szczepanik, Richard Wild

Jerry Boron, Dan Ferrazza, Nancy Glass, Pam Nolan, Father James P. O’Donnell

Father James O’Brien, Monsignor Thomas Corrigan, Charles Hoagland, Joseph Raymond, Richard Hyland, Robert Roesky, Leola Wilson, John Abraham, Kevin Leigh

Recognition Award Recipients

The Recognition Award is presented annually. It recognizes individuals who have provided excellent service to CYO Athletics and its participants as a coach, athletic director, clergy, commissioner or other member of the community whose accomplishments deserve to be recognized.

Greg Fitzgerald, Dale Kline, Richard Magovich, Mary McCoy, Fred McElrath, Ed Rockwood

Russell Fischer, Debbie Hall, Kerry Kaminski, Tom Kaim, Carol and Jim Lepi, Jeanne Weber

Anthony Bagliano, T. K. Griffith, Robert Previts, Chris Salata, Scott Slack, Pamela Smrdel, Kim Tuchek, Bobby Walton

Mike Dostal, Karl Horning, Tom Morgan, Dawn Stepic

Bill Trental, Janet Trental, Angelo Gaudino

Timothy Setele, William Kosmac, Art Guhde, Chuck Hill, Antoinette Smith, Annie Kilbane, Daniel Moore, John Peyton, Lorenzo Jones, Gib Winter

Nils Antonio, John Granzier, Angelo Gasparro, Rick Schenkelberg

Tim Ernst, Tom Gentile, Owen Gallagher, Stephanie Toole

Ralp Bruening, Tony Buck, Duane Drotar, George Englehart, Harry Hewitt, Dan Holloran, Joseph Jansky, Joseph Jira, John Lanza, Tim O’Connell

Kevin Smith, William E. Mason, Mary Pat Beaufait, Tim Deininger, Clifford Gulley, Tim Vala, Bob Crowley

Mike DeSantis, Ken Dworznik, Howard Chizek, Jim Farroni, Mike Iacofano, Jim McGeever, Walter Napier, Bill Nortz, Mike Setta, Willie Earl Williams

Henry Mullaney, Donna Busser, Owen Coughlin, Gary Huspaska, Vince Lucarelli, Emma Bednar, Sabrina Wilson, Bev Gombarcik

Catholic Diocese of Cleveland Part of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland

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