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Catholic Charities Corporation Administrative Offices:

7911 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102

(216) 334-2900

Meals & Snacks

Mealtime at camp is an exciting social event: a time to relax, an opportunity to deepen friendships, and a time to be fulfilled and nourished.

Group of girls in front of cabin

We serve our meals in the spacious St. Francis Dining Hall, which overlooks Lake Marion. Built in the center of the campgrounds, we serve meals in shifts (based on campers’ ages) to avoid overcrowding and to allow meals to be a comfortable and casual experience. Counselors sit at every table and are present to facilitate conversation, teach the practice of good manners, and ensure that every child is finding something adequate to eat at each meal.

Water, milk, orange juice, and fruit drink are available throughout the day at meals. In addition to that, we have water stations throughout the camp. Counselors will remind campers to refill their water bottles throughout the day. There are also disposable cups located at the water stations.

Our Food Service Manager, Sherry Frisby, offers a menu with a range of healthy options, including a salad bar at lunch and dinner each day. We are able to accommodate most allergy or special diet restrictions, including gluten-free diets. Our staff understands the importance of proper nourishment and how it plays into every camper’s ability to enjoy their time at Camp Christopher. Regardless of the main course at a meal, there is always an alternative option so that every child leaves the dining hall with a full stomach.

Please call our office to discuss your child’s special dietary needs prior to his or her arrival.


Parents may send snacks to camp with their child, although it is not necessary to do so. Please seal all snacks. Additionally, snacks should contribute to the child’s health and wellness. Snacks are helpful when they supplement meals, especially for picky eaters.

But we caution against sending empty calories that may make a child sick, especially in hot weather. When you pack snacks for your child, please remember that we are not the only ones living on the premises—the mice and other critters attract to cabins and pavilions where there is food. So please be sure that the food is well sealed.

**Please do not send nuts or nut-based foods. Many campers have nut allergies. Your child may be restricted from eating these foods if they are sent to camp

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