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Catholic Charities Corporation Administrative Offices:

7911 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102

(216) 334-2900


Camp Christopher offers several recreational activities that contribute to a child's overall camp experience. Read about our activities below!

Every day at Camp Christopher is filled with excited activities and programs. We strive to offer variety, knowing that there is great value in an expansive experience. Camp Christopher offers a structured program that combines game play and teaching. Campers are given the opportunity to enjoy their existing interests, as well as partake in new experiences, to develop and expand their skills. Our goal for every camper to become an engaged and independent thinker, who embraces faith, community, responsibility, and leadership. We know that children learn most when they are having fun. Given the environment of Camp Christopher, we are not only able to provide valuable learning, but also a chance for practice these skills in everyday life.

Camp Christopher employs a “challenge by choice” approach to learning and acquiring new skills. We hope that participating in activities multiple times throughout the week, and increasing difficulty as campers age, embraces this mindset. As the camper achieves new goals, the growth and new mastery of skills surpasses simple recreation.

Along the way, campers gain confidence from navigating new situations. While the attainment of new, concrete skills like kayaking or horseback riding may be obvious, newfound independence and social skills can be more subtle. Once your child returns home, we hope you will see more confident decision-making, more willingness to take on responsibility, and more resiliency when faced with solving problems


At Lake Marian, campers can learn to master various watercrafts, including canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, and more. The lake is a zero grade entrance off of our sandy beach and reaches a depth of approximately 10 feet. Campers can spend time on the beach making sandcastles, play games in the shallow water, or take up the challenge of the “Mile Swim” in the deeper section of the lake. Experienced and certified lifeguards guard lake Marion at all times campers are in the water.


Horseback Riding

Our stables are the summer home of 12-15 horses each year. Our experienced staff care for the horses and offer both trail and arena rides to campers throughout each day. In addition to riding, campers may be offered training in grooming or other equestrian skills.


Athletic Activities

Camp Christopher offers various sports activities, including tennis, softball, volleyball, soccer, etc.… Regardless of the athletic event, at no time will winning or losing be confused with a child’s personal worth. We meet each camper at his or her activity level, where he or she feels comfortable and confident, and grow from there. Our athletic program progresses through building skills and providing challenge and fun.


Ropes Challenge Courses

The Ropes Challenge Courses improve individual confidence and group dynamics by increasing the level of trust, support, and cooperation between participants. The elements are designed to help campers group grow closer together, achieve their goals, discover new interpersonal strengths, and develop resilience.

Girl rock climbing


Camp Christopher offers some of the most pristine trails in Northeast Ohio. On our nature hikes, campers learn about the different plants and animal life, along with some history about the people that used to inhabit the same area that campers walk today. In fact, the Cleveland Museum of Modern History, through a project cataloging species of flora and fauna, has identified rare or previously considered extinct species on the property.

The trails lead to various historical artifacts on the property, including Old Man’s Cabin. You may hear you child tell you about ‘Mummy’s Cave,’ a naturally existing rock formation on the property, or the natural bridge, which is one of a few natural bridges that exist in Northeast Ohio and which bridges two large rock formations over a cavern.

Arts & Crafts

New projects mixed with old favorites make our Craft Shop one of the most popular activities on a camper’s schedule. Whether it’s acquiring new skills like wood-burning or metal stamping or perfecting older skills like tie-dying, campers enjoy creating their masterpieces throughout the week.

Projects become treasured keepsakes, representing the full range of emotions and feelings that comprised the camper’s experience. They may ultimately take up residence on a dresser or hanging from a wall once they are taken home at the end of the session.



Campers can develop and improve skills with the bow and arrow through high-level instruction from a certified staff member. They are encouraged to practice skills they are learning or have learned, as well as to use the expertise they may possess to encourage or help teach skills to others.

Girl doing archery
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