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Catholic Charities Corporation Administrative Offices:

7911 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102

(216) 334-2900


Since 1924, Camp Christopher has pursued an ideal: To provide children not merely a positive recreational experience, but one that would contribute meaningfully to their balanced development.

Brother and sister
Old photo kids on canoe

Camp Christopher is the preeminent traditional summer camp in Northeast Ohio, entering its 99th summer. The Camp Christopher community has continued to evolve over the years to meet the needs of families and children. Our long history comes from providing high-quality programming and well-trained staff, but also to the continued adherence to Catholic ideals and the fostering of individuality, community, personal growth, and lifelong friendships.

With an ever-growing reputation for excellence, Camp Christopher has become a summer tradition for many families in Northeast Ohio and beyond. Each summer, Camp Christopher serves youth from all over the United States, and even from some countries overseas. Generations of families have made this beautiful property their children’s home away from home. As you walk the grounds, you will hear the sounds of cheering, laughter, and song. It is one of very few places and spaces that children can go to today that remains ‘unplugged.’ After all these years, Camp Christopher continues to foster a culture built on timeless values.

Catholic Charities has taken great care to preserve traditions that began as far back as 1924. Everything about Camp Christopher embodies timeless quality and attention to the well-being of the campers to continue to be a place where friendships flourish, and faith abounds. In an increasingly fast-paced world, Camp Christopher provides a nurturing, supportive environment in which children can try new things, develop new skills, focus on friendships, take great pride in learning, and proudly pass down the traditions to generations of Camp Christopher campers.

Catholic Charities recognizes the unique and timeless qualities of children. Our campers teem with energy, crave movement, and delight in having fun together. We know that they have complex emotional lives and need to feel connected and supported as they navigate a new environment. We are proud that Camp Christopher continues to be a place where they can learn to put their faith into action, engage with diverse groups of people and develop confidence and resilience through adventures that can lead to a lifetime of success.


American camp association

The American Camp Association accredits Camp Christopher. Accredited since 1960, this is the gold standard among summer camps. Camp Christopher’s practices have been measured against (up to 300) national standards and go beyond the state’s basic health and safety requirements.

For more information on the ACA, its standards, the accreditation process, and why you should choose an accredited camp, go to the ACA website at

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