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Catholic Charities Corporation Administrative Offices:

7911 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102

(216) 334-2900

Resident Camp Registration is Open

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2024 Resident Camp Sessions

Session dates camp fees (includes deposit) Non-refundable Deposit


June 16 - 22 $700 $150


June 23 - June 29 $700 $150


July 7 - 13 $700 $150


July 14 - 20 $700 $150


July 21 - 27 $700 $150


July 28 - August 3 $700 $150

* A $150 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration.


Sleeping away from mom and dad…living in what will likely become their ‘summer home’…creating friends that become like family…this is the Camp Christopher experience. Living in a cabin with a group of peers fosters a sense of community, sharing responsibility, and strong friendships.

Each cabin is treated as a mini-community in which the campers are vital members. And as members, they are encouraged to be respectful of one another, honest to one another, and responsible for their commitments. Cabin life also advances social skills as children learn to be a part of the community and actively participate in the inherent give and take of such a setting.

We know that children learn from their peers and role models who surround them. At Camp Christopher, we facilitate this learning in a safe and healthy way. Living together day in and day out provides an immersion experience that cultivates in campers the ability to know one another on a deeper level, to share varied strengths, offer encouragement, lend support, and gain the tremendously valuable experience of living in and taking pride in the work of the group.

Supportive young adult role models who encourage positive values such as sportsmanship, collaboration, kindness, and harmonious co-existence supervise cabins.


Camp Christopher is a co-ed environment. Our cabins are assigned by sex, and throughout the day, campers remain with the same bunkmates as they follow their schedule. We also have activities for all campers to interact as one large group, including mass/ prayer service and evening activities. These activities allow campers to interact with one another while young adult role models provide oversight to ensure positive and appropriate behavior.

Many children have found great common ground at Camp Christopher, and the shared experience is one which they carry with them through years and distance. Years from now, they will be able to reminisce about their time together at Camp Christopher and the feelings of connectedness and accomplishment they carry with them every day.

Residential Voyage Camp Themes

Fantasy Week - Resident Camp Week 1

Fantasy Week - Resident Camp Week 1

Myths, Legends and Fairy Tales, Oh My! At Camp Christopher, we have many traditions and legends that carry on from generation to generation. Campers will be celebrating our favorite fantasy stories from books, movies television shows, and more!

Entertainment Week - Resident Camp Week 2

Entertainment Week - Resident Camp Week 2

Lights, Camera, Action! Enjoy a week of camp infused with your favorite songs, movies and television shows. Camp activities will be inspired by popular movies and television shows of today and the past. Get ready for stardom!

Holiday Week - Resident Camp Week 3

Holiday Week - Resident Camp Week 3

Don’t you wish every day was a holiday? Well, for this week at camp, it will be! Whether you are looking to celebrate Christmas in July, or want the 4th of July to never end, this is the week for you.

Heroes Week - Resident Camp Week 4

Heroes Week - Resident Camp Week 4

If you have ever dreamed of being a hero, this is your week! We are celebrating heroes of all kind, from doctors, to teachers, superheroes, and more! Come to Camp and discover which hero you get to celebrate all week long!

Around the World Week - Resident Camp Week 5

Around the World Week - Resident Camp Week 5

Pack your bags because camp will be anywhere BUT Bath Ohio…. Well, in spirit that is. This week, we will explore and celebrate different parts of the world!

Christopher Spirit Week! - Resident Camp Week 6

Christopher Spirit Week! - Resident Camp Week 6

Enjoy a week filled with spirit, the Christopher Spirit! Cabin/group themes and group programming will be centered on camp history, legends and many other topics that make up the Christopher Spirit. Pack your favorite camp gear and get ready for a spirit filled week.

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