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Catholic Charities Corporation Administrative Offices:

7911 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102

(216) 334-2900

Rural Life

Catholic Rural Life, a national non-profit, focuses on promoting Catholic life in rural America, as well as issues related to ethical agriculture, rural ministry and stewardship.

Fields and lanes in countryside
"The primary goals of agriculture policies should be providing food for all people and reducing poverty among farmers and farmworkers in this country and abroad."—USCCB, For I Was Hungry and You Gave Me Food, 2003

Catholic Rural Ethic

"Catholic Social Teaching is a rich tradition that is rooted in the Scripture and the lived experience of the people of God. It has been developed in the writings of church leaders through the ages and is continually articulated through modern papal, conciliar, and episcopal documents.

For example, in the 2009 encyclical Caritas in Veritate, Pope Benedict XVI teaches on points essential to human development, the environment, and progress towards the common good of all people. This work, like other Church statements, relies on moral principles to help resolve the economic and social problems of our day.

Catholic Rural Life applies these principles when considering economic, social and environmental policies in respect to agriculture and rural communities."—Catholic Rural Life

Support Farmworker Rights & Protections

Learn more about the Fair Food Standards Council at the website of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers.

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