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Catholic Charities Corporation Administrative Offices:

7911 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102

(216) 334-2900

Contracted by Cuyahoga County, Catholic Charities provides Pre-Employment Screening services to individuals applying to the Ohio Works First program.

Ohio Works First (OWF) is a time-limited cash assistance program available to eligible families through Ohio's Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) program

This program emphasizes:

  • Employment
  • Personal responsibility
  • Self-sufficiency

Individuals who apply to receive OWF benefits must complete a pre-employment screening during their application process. The screening assesses an individual's strengths and barriers to participating in job development related activities and finding employment.

To learn more about the OWF program, click the button below.

Ohio Works First Program

Catholic Diocese of Cleveland Part of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland

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