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The History of National Nonprofit Day

Posted August 17, 2023

The History of National Nonprofit Day

A nonprofit is an organization, institution, corporation, or other entity that is not established for the purpose of making a profit according to

National Nonprofit Day is recognized on August 17th, every year. Today is a day to educate and empower people to be the change we want to see in the world.

Recognizing that there are people that need assistance is the first step to change which could lead to donations and volunteering with organizations that help those in the community.

But where did nonprofits start?

In the early 1900s, YMCA leaders, Charles Summer Ward and Frank L. Pierce came up with America’s first significant fundraising campaign.

This got the attention of the entire nation and big donors who wanted to get involved.

Efforts didn’t stop there. During World War II, Americans took it upon themselves to help those across the sea.

This was the first time in history that people came together on a global scale to help veterans, and those affected by the war directly.

Organizations like the YMCA, the Salvation Army, and the National Jewish Welfare Board came together and created the United Service Organization for National Defense (USO). (

During this time, the American Red Cross launched a campaign that raised millions of dollars, recruited over 100,000 nurses, and started the nation’s first-ever war blood donations program.

At Catholic Charities, over 400,000 individuals within eight counties are served every year.

From childcare to senior adult programs, there may be a program to help you and your family.

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