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Meet the Lindsley Family: Participants from Camp Happiness

Posted August 05, 2023

In 1990, a document called the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law in order to protect those with disabilities in everyday activities.

The law criminalizes any kind of discrimination against people with disabilities and assures them full participation in the community, independent living, and economic self-sufficiency according to

Catholic Charities Camp Happiness is a summer camp for those ages 5 to 21 that gives campers opportunities to be involved with the community, learn, and have fun with friends.

Melissa and Randall Lindsley, parents of Camp Happiness camper Alex, have been participants of Camp Happiness for 12 years.

Alex was delayed in some areas when he was younger, so like most parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lindsley made appointments to speak with a professional.

“…we found out later that one of his disabilities is a cognitive disability. So at the time, being two and a half he was functioning more like someone who was maybe infant to one and not understanding what was expected of him…” Mrs. Lindsley said.

At age six, Mr. and Mrs. Lindsley found a section in the newspaper about Camp Happiness and decided to send Alex there to see if he would like it.

“We saw the one for Catholic Charities… I thought, “Well, this is kind of something really interesting. I think Alex will enjoy it.” Mrs. Lindsley said.

Mrs. Lindsley also explains how Camp Happiness’ counselors are different from other camps in the area.

“I think they just care. I think above all else, they just care about each individual,” Mrs. Lindsley said, “ We’ve had counselors who’ve gotten so close to him [Alex] that they just, they tear up at the end [of summer] because they don’t want to say goodbye,”

When leaving your child with other adults during the day, it’s important to have trust and know that they will take care of them.

For the Lindsley family, Camp Happiness counselors do just that.

“It’s comforting when you can send your child to a place and they love him just as much as you do… he [Alex] loves it here so it’s a no-brainer to send him here.” Mr. Lindsley said.

Watch the full interview with Mr. and Mrs. Lindsley and see what Alex has to say about Camp Happiness!

Want to learn more about Camp Happiness? Click the button below!

Camp Happiness

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