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Catholic Charities Corporation Administrative Offices:

7911 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102

(216) 334-2900

The Mary’s House: Refugee Single Mothers Program creates a supportive community for single refugee mothers that promotes healing, mutual support, and the acquisition of skills necessary for single mothers and their children to thrive in their new community.

The Mary’s House: Refugee Single Mothers Program was developed to serve the specialized and intensive needs of mothers who are navigating the resettlement process without a partner. This program offers intensive case management, healthcare navigation, financial literacy resources, connection to ESOL classes, assistance securing public benefits, linkage to mental health, and support/psycho-educational groups in a trauma-informed/healing-centered atmosphere.

Nested within Migration & Refugee Services (MRS), participants can also connect with legal services, job development, specialized programming for intensive medical needs, and more. This program is funded by the Sisters of Humility of Mary.

The Single Mothers Group is a wellness group that meets once a month at MRS. The mothers participate in art therapy and connect with other women who have shared experiences of being a refugee (navigating a new culture, language, ways of living, etc.) and who are single parents. The meetings occur on Mondays, once a month, from 4:15 pm-6 pm.

BRIDGE Program

Coinciding with the Single Mothers Group is BRIDGE, a program offered to school-aged children of the single mothers who participate in the Single Mothers Group. Partnering with Magnificat High School’s Campus Ministry, the Magnificat students develop programming that engages the children in movement, mindfulness, and “brain games” all while aiding in the development of their English skills. This is a reciprocal group in which the Magnificat students get to share their knowledge of American culture/way of life and the refugee students can teach the Magnificat students about their cultures, languages, and experiences in return.


For referrals or more information, please contact MaryKate Blankenship, LSW, Program Administrator for the Single Mothers Program at or (216) 939-3756.