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Black History Month Spotlight: Autumn Winfield

Posted February 14, 2024

As Black History Month continues, we would like to highlight another employee who celebrates black history not just in February, but every day.

Autumn Winfield currently holds the role of Director for Job and Career Training Services.

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, she is the fourth of six children in her family and was raised Black Muslim.

“My background consists of being raised in a family that was very religious, and we were raised Black Muslims,” Autumn said.

To Autumn, black history is something that should be celebrated every day.

“Black history to me is not just a month. It is actually a part of American history and is celebrated every day.” Autumn said.

Many ideas and inventions have stemmed from African Americans but not many people are aware of it. Autumn hopes for this to change.

“Something as simple as the elevator was invented by a black man… technology was invented by a black woman…” Autumn said, “I think it should be reinforced in education, so more people are aware of all the contributions that are made by African Americans in this country…”

One thing that Autumn thinks about when celebrating black history is her father.

Her father, William Winfield, was a jazz musician who played with well-known jazz artists of her time.

“He [William Winfield] played with some of the great jazz musicians of our time, and so I’m grateful that I can go back and look at a YouTube video and see him,” Autumn said.

Along with looking back at her father’s past performances, she also reflects on her community in Brooklyn and the people who shaped her into the woman she is today.

“I reflect on my community growing up and the people, my family around me, and the history of my family, and what helped to shape me,” Autumn said.

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