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Catholic Charities Corporation Administrative Offices:

7911 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102

(216) 334-2900

Happy Birthday to Catholic Charities President & CEO, Patrick Gareau!

Posted March 17, 2023

Most may associate March 17th as St. Patrick’s Day. A day when people gather downtown for celebrating and watching the parade, but for one person, today is different.

Catholic Charities President and CEO, Patrick Gareau celebrates his birthday today!

Gareau grew up in a household with 13 older siblings and his parents. His parents taught him from a young age about being generous and serving others in his community.

“I had parents who were very, very committed to Catholic Charities and very generous,” Gareau said, “I was brought up with that kind of spirit to serve others.”

After graduating from North Olmsted High School, he continued his education at John Carroll University where he learned more about helping others who may need it.

“…at a Jesuit university, you really are taught that you are on this earth to serve others. So I think that helped form me for the rest of my life” Gareau said.

While attending the university, Gareau went into ROTC and when he graduated, he was commissioned to lieutenant in the Army and served for 7 years.

After, he worked for a company that built retirement communities and nursing homes for 7 years.

Gareau felt that something was missing and found that St. Augustine Manor was looking to hire a new CEO.

“I think working in the nonprofit sector, especially for the Church, just – it marries my faith and my work together,” Gareau said, “I never felt more fulfilled prior to working for the Church…”

During his 17 years of serving as CEO, Gareau built a relationship with his predecessor Tom Mullen.

“…He always encouraged me to consider taking on his position when he retired,” Gareau said.

After the passing of Mullen, Gareau applied for the position and was selected by Bishop Richard Lennon to be the new President and CEO of Catholic Charities in 2011.

“I love working for Catholic Charities. I love the efforts and the enthusiasm, and the commitment of the staff… I really am blessed to have had a life that’s brought me to this point.” Gareau said.

Happy Birthday, Pat! We are so happy to have such a kind and dedicated leader to help serve our communities!

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