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Brenda Hernandez Receives 'Hero for Children' Award from Blessing House

Posted May 10, 2022

Brenda Hernandez Receives 'Hero for Children' Award from Blessing House

On April 26th, The Blessing House in Lorain County hosted its Be a Hero in the Eyes of a Child luncheon. During the event, the Blessing House honored multiple community members as “Heroes for Children”, including Catholic Charities’ very own, Brenda Hernandez.

Brenda currently serves as the Program Director for the Help Me Grow program. This program is a free home visiting program that offers at-home support for pregnant women, new parents, and caregivers who reside in the eight counties of the Diocese of Cleveland.

According to Blessing House,

“Brenda started with Help Me Grow as a home visitor and saw firsthand the challenges families faced. Her experiences and her passion for the children she helped led her to her current position, where she is able to do even more for them through advocacy and organizational leadership. Brenda understands that one of the keys to a healthy child is a healthy home. She oversees a staff of home visitors and makes sure they have the tools to provide the support that families need.”

Congratulations Brenda! Thank you for all your hard work with the Help Me Grow program.

For more information about the Help Me Grow program, click below!

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