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Leave Your Mark: Claire Gavin

Posted February 08, 2022 by Hannah Witteman

A simple Google search will tell you that to ‘leave your mark’ is having a lasting or significant effect on something, and that’s what those who retire from Catholic Charities do.

On Friday, January 28, a retirement celebration was held for human resource (HR) manager, Claire Gavin who has spent 30 years with Catholic Charities.

Throughout her 30 years working in HR, Gavin stepped in to assist wherever she was needed.

“I’ve worked in compensation and benefits mostly, but employee relations, anything that needed attention, I was all there,” Gavin said.

One of the many things that she liked about working in HR was the people.

“I’ve enjoyed working with human resources because I enjoy people and I’m here to help support those who are providing assistance and counseling to the many within our community,” Gavin said.

Gavin has worked with hundreds of people during her career, but one person who stood out to her was Andrea Harris, Chief Administrative Officer of Catholic Charities.

“She [Harris] has been a wonderful leader, a good friend, and someone I will miss dearly,” Gavin said, “and boy can she make you laugh.”

During her retirement, Gavin wants to do a variety of things like volunteer, cook, and travel.

“My plan during retirement is to volunteer, either with Catholic Charities or with the Cleveland Sight Center… I love cooking so I will do a little bit of that, and baking, travel is at the top of the list.” Gavin said.

Retirement is a time for celebration and looking back at the happy moments of someone’s career and Gavin is leaving impacting those around her for the better.

“I will miss all of my co-workers, the leadership… all the employees that I’ve gotten to know have been a tremendous inspiration to me and a heartfelt thanks to all of them for helping me,” Gavin said.

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