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Sharon Kuntz celebrates 45 years with Catholic Charities

Posted March 24, 2021 by Maria Torres

Sharon Kuntz celebrates 45 years with Catholic Charities

Sharon Kuntz, a full-time therapist with our Outpatient Mental Health program (located in the Covenant Center), began her journey with Catholic Charities on March 22, 1976 — 45 years ago.

This special contribution by Clinical Supervisor Maria Torres, who has supervised Sharon for the last five years, honors Sharon and her incredible milestone.

Although there are many in our organization, if I had to put a face to someone who works our mission statement it would be Mrs. Sharon Kuntz. She is a perfect example of an employee who lives our mission.

For 45 years, she has diligently worked providing compassionate, quality care to those in need. She respects the dignity of each person she encounters. Her concern for the poor is reflected daily in the service she provides. She acts justly and loves tenderly and provides hope for all who come in contact with her.

It is a pleasure to work with someone so driven and dedicated to her clients. Sharon always reminds the staff that there are moments to celebrate in the middle of our busy lives at work.

We are proud to have Sharon on our team and we want to express our appreciation for her achievement of this milestone. The following are some words from past and current coworkers:

  • "She is our hospitality maven, making sure clients get a sense they are being welcomed to our collective hearth."
  • "She always has a smile on her face."
  • "She is remarkable—I just think of how many lives she has touched with her special gift."
  • "Sharon is a hardworking and dedicated staff person. She is kind, compassionate and dedicated to our mission! I was blessed to work with Sharon and learned a great deal from her and her work ethic when I began at Catholic Charities almost nine years ago."

She is a perfect steward who uses her gifts to serve all of God's children. Thank you, Sharon, for all that you do.

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