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Catholic Charities Corporation Administrative Offices:

7911 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102

(216) 334-2900

Mentoring a Refugee Family

Interested in getting to know recently resettled refugees?

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Our mentoring program encourages established members of the community to serve as a friend, guide and advisor to newly arrived refugees.

Becoming a mentor allows community members to share personal knowledge, skills and American culture with newly arrived refugees. In turn, mentors will learn about the lifestyle and culture of the refugee family. As most of the refugees we pair are new to the United States, mentors often become their very first American friend. Help us, in our mission to welcome the stranger, one refugee family at a time.

Mentoring a Refugee Family
Mentoring a Refugee Family
Mentoring a Refugee Family
Mentoring a Refugee Family
Mentoring a Refugee Family


What's the time commitment?

We ask that all mentors dedicate at least one hour per week for three months.

What do I do with the refugees during our weekly meetings?

During the initial mentor introduction, refugees will set 2 – 3 goals to work on with their mentor over the course of the three month period. Some examples of goals include: improve English language skills, learn to ride the bus to the doctor, become comfortable using a washer and dryer, open a bank account, etc.

Do I have to mentor alone?

No. Often times groups of people will choose to mentor together. Families benefit from the combined experience, skills and networks of multiple mentors.

Am I be able to mentor multiple families?

Mentors focus on a single family during a three month period. After the initial three months, most mentors extend their time with the family to set new goals and further grow their relationship. Some mentors choose to be matched with a new family.

What type of screening and training do I need to complete?

As per Catholic Charities, Diocese of Cleveland requirements, every individuals who is interested in becoming a mentor must complete our volunteer training, which takes approximately one month to complete. 

The volunteer training process includes: 

1. Submission of a volunteer application (link to volunteer application once content for that page is complete)

2. Phone interview with our volunteer coordinator

3. Reference check

4. Background check

5. Refugee 101 presentation and mentor training

6. VIRTUS training: Protecting God’s Children for Adults.

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