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Catholic Charities Corporation Administrative Offices:

7911 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102

(216) 334-2900

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Ministry

This ministry provides a sign language interpreter at various churches throughout the Diocese for weekly liturgy or parish meetings.

In addition to interpreted liturgies and services, sign language classes are offered throughout the year. The Cleveland Catholic Deaf also meet several times throughout the month for various social, recreational and spiritual events.

Interpreted Liturgies

St. Augustine Church in Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood offers interpreted and fully-signed liturgies three times each week. View the schedule below for details:

  • Saturday: 4:15 p.m. (interpreted for persons who are deaf)
  • Sunday: 8:30 a.m. (interpreted for persons who are deaf)
  • Sunday: 11:00 a.m. (fully signed for persons who are deaf)

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For a list of current activities or for locations and times of interpreted liturgies, please contact our office. 

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