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Catholic Charities Corporation Administrative Offices:

7911 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102

(216) 334-2900

Camp Christopher evaluates each applicant to ensure that we have adequate staffing in place to meet their needs.

Campers must be at least 13 years of age. Due to the program’s active schedule and the rustic facilities, participants must have basic personal care skills (independent in the restroom) and be capable of demonstrating appropriate and safe behavior, especially in public places. The grounds of the facility spread across 160 acres, and participants must be able to walk quite a bit throughout the weekend in order to stay with the group. Nursing staff is available to dispense scheduled medications but may not be on site at all times. Camp Christopher routinely provides services to more than one group of individuals at a time and the majority of those are children. Because we prioritize the health and safety of all visitors to the facility, each application will be thoroughly reviewed and camp staff may reach out for additional information about the applicant if necessary to make a sound decision during the process.

none of the above
elopement/running away
record of adjudication/conviction
history of physical/sexual/verbal aggressive behavior towards others
history of aggressive behavior towards self
none of the above


Catholic Diocese of Cleveland Part of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland

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