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Migration & Refugee Services Mentor Spotlight: Maureen Berg

Posted April 09, 2024

After retiring from the education field, Migration and Refugee Services (MRS) Mentor Maureen Berg felt like something was missing in her life.

When she realized it was the fulfillment of being helpful to those in need, she got involved with the Catholic Charities MRS mentoring program.

“…I knew something was missing, and what I realized is it’s the sense of being helpful and really helping people in need,” Maureen said.

She hoped for a family with children and ended up being paired with a mother of 5 children just like herself.

“I’m the mother of five children and 11 grandchildren,” Maureen said.

Although MRS’ program asks for a three-month commitment period, Maureen has gone above and beyond this request.

“Someone asked me how long do I mentor, and I said, ‘Well, I think I’m in month eight of a three-month program,” Maureen said.

When working with other people, it is easy to become connected and help when needed.

Over time, Maureen has connected with the family deeply.

“Of course, I’ve fallen in love with the family,” Maureen said.

In this program, mentors can do as much as they can provide for their mentees.

It can include something as little as their weekly visits to trips around the area.

“For the summer, I brought them to the swimming pool in Lakewood… and we also went to the Science Center, we went to the zoo,” Maureen said, “I was trying to give them some of the American experiences.”

Being able to give the family these experiences was gratifying for Maureen.

“That [trip] was, you know, really fun and fulfilling, and they [the family] had a ball,” Maureen said.

Not only was she able to take the family to explore new places, but Maureen has also been able to provide someone to keep up the lawn.

“We also have provided money for someone to mow the lawn…” Maureen said, “They have no outbuilding or basement where they could keep a lawnmower.”

Maureen has not been the only resource for this family. She has had many of her friends, neighbors, and family help her be able to give the family food, clothing, etc.

“I’m so appreciative of my partner mentor, Donna, and the many gifts of money, clothing, food, and household items I have received for my family…” Maureen said.

To learn more about the MRS Mentoring program, click the button below!

Migration & Refugee Mentoring Program

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